Hello, my name is Dajon Williams. I’m a junior at Texas State University, majoring in Digital Media Innovation. I’m also working towards my minor in Business Administration. Majoring in Digital Media Innovation, I’ve learned a lot of different skills that give me versatile credentials. I’ve worked as a social media contributor for Texas State PACE Center, using analytics data to help develop social strategy for the client and created social media content for Twitter and Instagram.

I’ve also had the great opportunity to run and manage a simulated social media market campaign for a client using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Recently I have been developing skills in the spectrum of videography. We have been working with video editing software like Premiere Pro and practicing different shooting techniques across campus. I’ve also been getting hands on experience with web design and publishing.

Besides my tech skills, I have some experience with advertising and journalism. I’ve done some broadcast writing and news reports. I also have a bit of experience conducting interviews. And aside from everything academic, I have some skills engineering music and vocals. I enjoy the art of making music and making it have a visual, so my real passion is becoming a producer.