I’ve always liked watching music videos and different video productions. I’m a huge fan of movies, preferably action movies. I find extremely interesting how they were able to set up crazy stunts and the amazing editing they do to make it look real. And how they can take make drawings or out this world elements/spices come to life on screen. It’s hard to believe how far technology has came and advanced entertainment in our life.

The video above was an idea me and my partner came up with for our man on the street assignment. For my visual story telling class, we had to come up with a quick interview topic to ask random people on campus. We decided to ask people what would be their super power if they could have one and why. It was a good experience interviewing other students, I really felt like a reporter from a news station trying to get a story from the people.

I recently developed a love for video production after learning how to make and edit my own on a more sophisticated level. I really want to learn more and be able to make cool transitions, and shooting different types of shots. A goal of mine is to produce my own music video, and make it worth being nominated for an award of some sort.